The tradition of matter and the contemporaneity of thought are allied to the urgency of making and the need to share. The concept comes from the team’s experiences, combined by a Ghost designer who is invited to collaborate. It is important to remember, we must share to promote change, the necessary change. Traditions, colors, aromas and textures are remembered, feelings of comfort are remembered, people and their value are remembered. It is this value that needs to be strengthened and shared in a slower and more intense life, so that in any place we can truly feel “at home”.


A colorful path was chosen (Garrido) with colors that mark the time in a perennial way, where the material is natural and the skills share tradition and contemporaneity, where everything happens in a sustainable way.

With Garrido Studio we treat the House where everyone (re)unites.

The team consists of a designer and an architect.

What characterizes it: the will to do well.Design and Quality, Sustainability and Timelessness, Tradition and Comfort, Loyalty and Contemporaneity. What distinguishes it: the desire to gather knowledge.Exclusivity and Detail, Multidisciplinarity and Follow-up, Intervention and Partnership. We promote and share unique experiences in the fields of Design and Architecture, Decoration and Clothing.